Abyzz A100 Pump


Abyzz pumps offer quiet running, high performance and an extremely low running cost. The Abyzz A100 is the smallest pump in the range. Rated flow rate : 8,500 l/h
A200 Pumps as of Oct 2012 now have an improved pressure deilvery for an increased head height. Existing A200 users can return them to Abyzz for an upgrade for a small flate rate charge. Please contact D-D for details.
Please see the bottom of the page for the new performance graph.
All 100,200 and 400 series Abyzz pumps come with a pump lifetime 10 year warranty !!

Product Description

The Abyzz pump with its titanium impeller consists of programmable menu-controlled driver and a sinusoidal, three-phase synchronous motor.
The efficiency factor of the motor is more than 90%, which, along with the fact that you can adjust the speed to meet your performance requirements, makes it an energy-saving solution.
The integrated bearing flushing provides optimum protection against calcification and, in conjunction with the silicon carbide bearings and special hard metal shaft, ensures low-maintenance operations. The materials used are designed to have a long lifetime and meet the highest requirements and quality standards.
Special Features
Variable speed range (0 – 100%)
Programmable control system (e.g. wave and random modes)
Soft startup Bus-enabled interface for peripheral devices
Lockable plug contacts Low-noise operation
The pump can be used immersed or in a dry position.
Note that this pump is not self priming.
Freshwater and seawater aquaristics, pond filter systems and creeks.
“The Abyzz A100 pump”
“Maximum flow rate : 8,500 l/h
Rated flow rate : 7.300 l/h
Delivery height : max. 6,0m
Rated input : 5…100W”
“Inlet/outlet connections : 40mm/25mm”


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