River Reef 94


Product Description

Technical Specifications
48L Aquarium 94L Aquarium
Model Number 0394 0396
Dimensions w42 d39 x h38cm w51 x d44 x h53cm
Cubic Litres 48 litres 94 litres
Weight 10.1kg 18kg
Lighting 2 x Double Bright White (2 x 7 0.2w LED’s 33cm) 1 x Single Blue Moon (1 x 7 0.2w LED’s 31.5cm) 2 x Triple Bright White (3 x 9 0.2w LED’s 36cm) 1 x Single Blue Moon (1 x 9 0.2w LED’s 36cm)
Filter Integrated back filter Integrated back filter
Heater 100w


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