The Aqua Medic Arctic Breeze cooling fans is a low voltage, low watt cooling fan designed to cool down reef aquariums by increasing water evaporation on the surface of the water. The Arctic Breeze has a spray water protection with a ball bearing and brush motor for silent running and a long expected life.

The High capacity fans are completely adjustable from 3 – 12v which alters the fans speed, it’s advisable and sufficient to run the fans from 3 – 4.5v resulting in almost silent running. In particular warm conditions the fans can be turned up to 12v.

The 4-pack Aqua Medic Arctic Breeze Cooling Fans are a professional and reliable innovation, all encased within a simplistic yet attractive design to work alongside your aquariums. On average the fans will drop the water temperature by 4° Celsius.

At a glance.

Silent Long Life Fan

Hose water proof fan

Ball Bearing and Brush Motor

12v, with adjustable power pack from 3 – 12v

High speed fans with 80,000 l/h

Power consumption 0.5 - 3 watt per fan

Number of Fans - 4

Cool down reef aquariums by increasing water evaporation on the water surface

Reliable and long lasting

Easy to mount

Simple design which melds in with the construction of the aquarium

Dimensions: L28cm x W4cm x H15cm

Aqua Medic Arctic Breeze 4 Set