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The ATI Straton is a LED unit light that has seven programmable channels and comes with a hanging kit.

It has a passive cooling and is covered in an aluminum housing, which is fixed without screws at the top and sides.

The following light presets are installed:

* Max fluorescence
* UV
* Max power

The 7 channels and three sections (front, middle and back) are separately dimmable.

"intelligent" prism plate deflects the light downwards
Dimensions of the unit are 47 x 47 cm x approx. 14 mm thick
Illumination: up to approx. 70 x 70 cm
Power: 230W
Powercable is connected to the side of the unit
Passive cooling (no fan)
WiFi controlled

7 channels separately dimmable/controlable:

18 x UV (405 nm)
18 x Violett (420 nm)
18 x RB (Royal blue) 450 nm
36 x Blue(470 nm)
18 x LC (Cyan) 500 nm
36 x W (White)
9 x R (Red)

Ati aii LED Stratton


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