Many corals slowly lose their lush colors because they are not getting the nutrients they need. This is because corals are filter feeders and normally ingest a lot of bacteria, from where they get most of their nutrition. , some water. However, most aquarium waters contain few bacteria because the skimmers and UV rays kill the bacteria. The solution to this problem is to return these nutrients to the corals. We recommend that you use our Color-Up program to achieve this goal. We combine a range of bacteria with a wide range of vitamins, which will then be ingested by the corals. So the vitamins and nutrients will go to the corals to have beautiful colors again. Just follow the daily program to restore all the nutrients to your aquarium. The day you start the program will be the day of using the 1st bulb (Day 1), then you will be guided by the bulbs to get great results. We strongly recommend that you do this cure every month or continue to use the program throughout the year.

Colour Up Marine Single Doses