Temperature control within an aquarium is an important parameter in helping to reduce stress on fish and corals where high temperatures or excessive temperature variations can result in coral bleaching or death. D-D have been supplying chillers for several years that provide high efficiency, proven reliability and economy with respect to both running and initial purchase costs.

The new DC2200 refrigerated chiller is compact enough to fit in most cabinets but has a cooling capacity of 2200W making ideal for aquariums of 1200 lts at a 10°C temperature drop to 2100 lts with a 5°C temperature drop.


Microcomputer control - for accuracy and ease of use with a built in temperature memory system in the case of a power failure. Integral over temperature cut off.

Pure TITANIUM heat exchanger /evaporator - for it's extreme anti corrosion properties in a saltwater environment.

Low running noise

High efficiency, latest generation cooler - for low running costs.

Superior quality condenser - for reliability and low noise.

Robust metal chassis - for strength and anti vibration properties

Contemporary housing design - to fit with most decors.


Cooling Power - 2200W

Voltage - 220-240V

Frequency - 50Hz

Current - 3.2A

Water refrigerated - 1000-2200lts

Refrigerant - R134a

Water flow - 1500-4000 lts/hr

Weight - 31.3Kg

Dimensions - 520 x 400 x 480mm

Compressor design - rotary compressor

DC2200 Refrigerated Chiller