Deltec's new flag ship series of true sine wave 24 volt pumps driven by brushless motors. The included controller can set power consumption and performance via a wattage display. The pump can either be installed inside or outside a sump. The new E-flow Pumps provide a high flow rate and pressure at low power consumption and are almost silent in operation.

E-Flow 10 - Silent running external and internal pump with a 10,300 lt/hr duty.

Deltec E-Flow Pumps are almost silent in operation due to the all new DC brushless motor.
All Deltec E-Flow Pumps are protected by an over load protection circuit and if the impeller becomes blocked the pump is switched off automatically.
All models include a control panel that allows the pump to be adjusted for power output . By using the up and down buttons on the control panel power output in watts can be adjusted electronically in 13 stages (E-Flow 10) down to 20 watts.
If power is lost the pump will
 restart at its old power
Delivery for this item is 5-7 Days. 

E-Flow 10 24v