EsHa Oodinex is a wide range disease treatment for marine fish in aquariums containing invertebrates.
Oodinex's wide range action treats many symptoms and disease organisms including:- Whitespot (Cryptocaryon), Velvet (Oodinium), Fungus, Finrot and Dropsy.
Day one 25 drops per 100 litres, days 2 & 3, 12 drops per 100 litres.
Treats 800 litres /175 UK gallons.
For saltwater use only, reef safe, protein skimmer must switched off for duration of treatment.

As with all medications, this product may reduce oxygen levels in the aquarium, ensure there is plenty of oxgenation and observe inhabinants closely during treatment.

See full instructions for eSHa Oodinex.

Esha oodinex reef safe 20 ml