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This Evolution Aqua EA ReefPro 900S Aquarium and Cabinet is available in an array of colours and makes reef keeping even easier, and as beautiful as ever.

Evolution Aqua EA ReefPro 900S Aquarium and Cabinet

SKU: 0007
Cabinet Colours
  • Marine keeper can now benefit from the highly stylish EA ReefPro 900s range. This desirable Aquarium and cabinet comes in a choice of 15 stylish colours that will match any home decor.

    eaReefPro is a new range of 5 aquariums, with an innovative new sump design featuring movable baffle plates on 2 of the 4 chambers. Marine keepers will benefit from the same high quality aquariums and 15 contemporary cabinet finishes that are associated with eaReef, but now they can have a taller aquarium (24" high) with a new central glass weir box, rigid pipework and an aquarium with a black background.

    Hand built in the UK and fully water tested before dispatch for extra peace of mind, the ReefPro 900s comes completely assembled so there is no building, you can simply get to work on creating that perfect aquarium.

    Soft close doors are fitted to the cabinet as standard along with fully adjustable feet to ensure the cabinet will sit on any type of flooring. All Evolution Aqua aquariums now come with brand new AquaFrame aluminium cabinets. Ready for easy assembly, the aircraft grade frames are supplied with interchangeable cabinet panels that can be fitted in minutes. This means that you can change the colour of your cabinet at any point over the lifetime of your aquarium - you'll never need to buy another aquarium cabinet again.

    Our innovative "eazyswap" cabinet panels are available in 16 finishes, and are ready to ship with your eaReefPro, Aquascaper or eaFreshwater* aquarium.

    Low-iron glass is used on all four sides for those who like the clear backdrop, along with black silicone throughout to neatly frame the aquatic vista, and Cerium polishing for extra shine and clarity on the glass edges.

    Innovative Sump Design

    The customer still has the flexibility to use their own equipment to make the most of the eaReefPro, but the new sump design offers even more flexibility thanks to the adjustable baffle plates. Each sump has four chambers, with the skimmer chamber and refugium / reactor chamber incorporating baffles that can be moved up and down to alter the water height. The sumps also feature a unique macro algae comb.


    Every eaReefPro sump is capable of housing large, high performance protein skimmers, pumps and other equipment, while also accommodating a suitably large built-in reservoir for all important top-up water. The sump is 6mm thick and has 8mm glass dividers, it also has 2 movable baffle plates.

    Product Information:

    • Net System Volume: 267 Litres
    • Glass spec: 10mm thickness
    • Dimensions:

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