Fauna Marin Sea Water Research Lab Base ICP TEST

The Fauna Marin Base ICP Test provides a quick and easy overview of 37 water levels in seawater.

From macroelements over trace elements and pollutants you get a complete overview with appropriate dosing and action recommendations.

The Fauna Marin ICP Test is a pure ICP test:

Pure ICP test Fast, cheap and highly accurate Easiest sampling and shipping Extremely fast laboratory analysis with real high-performance emission spectrometers (ICP-OES) individual dosage and action recommendations for those who need a quick overview of their water values Basic test for 37 parameters in seawater

The following macro and trace elements are measured :
sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, strontium, boron, iodine, sulfur, phosphate, phosphorus, silicon, manganese, lithium, molybdenum, iron, bromine, chromium, cobalt, beryllium, vanadium, zinc, Antimony, copper, barium, selenium, cadmium, tin, aluminum, titanium, nickel, scandium, zirconium, silver, tungsten, lanthanum, arsenic, mercury.

Shortly you will receive our full Business Lab test with even more water parameters - for those who want to know it VERY accurately.


With our ICP analysis kits for water analyzes of seawater, your samples can be taken out and sent cleanly, quickly and easily.

After ordering and payment, you will receive your analysis kit for taking the water samples immediately by parcel service.

In your laboratory test kit you will find 2 sample tubes, as well as removable stickers with a sample number. These are glued to the sample containers for identification. The sample number is a unique laboratory number. It simplifies queries and assists in the safe assignment of your samples.

A few days after receiving the sample at the Fauna Marin Seawater Research Lab, you will receive the results of your samples as well as the dosing and action recommendations by e-mail.

Fauna marin icp test


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