For aquariums up to 25mm


  • The patented design allows it to 'Flip' inside the tank simply by rotating the outer handle, without getting your hands wet.
  • With a large soft cleaning pad on one side for daily maintenance and a Flip over to a 316 stainless steel blade on the opposite side for removal of hard algae, it is all you will ever need to keep your glass crystal clear without ever reaching in the tank! 
  • Fl!pper’s unique design maintains an upright orientation at all times for easy retrieval.
  • It is the ONLY magnetic aquarium cleaner that does it ALL.
  • Replaceable stainless steel blade. The blade is made of 316 stainless steel, which means that the fl!ppercleaner has been designed to remain in the tank without rusting.
  • Both the inside and outside magnet are very slim - which means that the fl!ppercleaner can get places other cleaners cannot.

Flipper Max Glass Cleaner