With the Maintenance Your Tank program, a simple action a few times a month can be the first step. Overeating is often the reason why you have to spend a lot of time cleaning the filter, fighting algae and constantly getting rid of the filter elements. Even with good maintenance and regular water changes, sludge and waste remains in the aquarium in places that are difficult to reach and difficult to see, and are dissolved in the water.Maintenance Your Tank, a 100% product natural based on beneficial bacteria, works to quickly find, decompose and eliminate this waste. It also contains probiotic bacteria to help reduce the number of bad bacteria in your aquarium and to restore and maintain a clean aquarium, balanced and healthy. This 30-day program will guide you through the stages of biological balance in your aquarium. The day you start the program will be the first bottle and then you will be guided by the bottles for excellent results.


Marine Maintenance Single Doses