Keeping Nitrates under control 

By regularly monitoring your Aquarium you can avoid harmful and costly build ups of Nitrates, which as most aquarists know is an indication of bacterial build up which can lead to disease with tragic & expensive results.

Advantages of using Nitrachek

Quick and easy to use " Results in just 60 Seconds" Internal countdown timer.

Utilises accurate Merckoquant Nitra-Test strips

Eliminates inherent problems with the human eye to detect slight colour changes.

No Messy Reagents, eliminating the risk of contamination

Large LCD, Displays results in mg/l (ppm), Range: 5 - 500 ppm

Memory function stores up to 20 readings, including date & time stamp.

Includes a calibration checker strip

Portable battery operated instrument (9v battery included)

Includes a handy protective wallet

Nitracheck 404