Nyos® LPS POWER is a 100% certified organic soft granulate especially for LPS corals. Valuable nutrients give the corals additional strength and ensure improved colours and greatly accelerated growth (size 1.2-1.8mm).

Nyos® LPS POWER meets the strict standards of the EC ecological regulation and is certified with the official German state organic seal. The high-quality and unadulterated organic ingredients are especially rich for LPS corals and at the same time gentle.

Specially adapted for LPS corals such as acanthastrea, scolymia, etc.

Improved colours, accelerated growth and vitality

100% certified organic under the EC ecological regulation

Raw materials from organic production

Guaranteed free of colourants, pesticides and genetic technology

Granulatgröße M (1,2-1,8mm)

Nyos Lps colour grow pellets


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