The Gateway 2 is used to wirelessly control the new Atlantik v4 Gen2 series. The panel style LED Atlantik series provides a highly diffused light source which wraps around corals which is virtually impossible to shadow. The Atlantik series delivers the perfect intensity, spectrum and par for the most light demanding corals to produce outstanding growth and colour.

The Atlantik series has exceptional build quality and are highly energy efficient producing the lowest consumption per watt. This new series offers the best performance vs value in the market due to the lower quantity of lights required to optimally light your aquarium.

Developed to program and control the Atlantik series from anywhere in the world

Easily programmable using your smart phone or tablet

The new Gateway2 can store a scheduled program for up to 200 units

3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi service is available and will allow you to edit, program, and monitor your lights in real time from any location

Comes with a selection hi of pre-programmed settings and the facility to create custom schedules and settings.

Orphek Atlantik Gateway


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