The OR3 bar LEDs contain newly developed and customised, 5w Dual-Chip power LEDs that are an advancement in technology and are highly efficient. Operating at 50% of the previous LEDs, the new OR3 models are more resistant to higher heat and offer the highest PAR longevity with minimum loss over time. Lenses have also been improved for the new version launch. 
Now utilising the same LEDs as the highly acclaimed Atlantik series, the OR3 series offers increased flexible lighting solutions available in 2 spectrums and 3 length sizes.
The OR3 can be installed stand alone primary or as a supplementary light source to an existing fixture to improve visual appearance, reduce shadowing or to increase PAR/PUR.
Engineered for optimal SPS/LPS coral growth, colour and illumination

New cooled driver with improved heat sink from 51 to 41 Celsius

Improved PCB to increase power output

New customised, 5w Dual-Chip improved LEDs 


Improved wider spectrum & blend

2 new spectrum models - Blue plus & Reef Day plus

3 Length sizes available – 60cm/90cm/120cm 

New lens covers. 90 degrees as standard 


Orphek OR3 60 Blue plus