Evolution Aqua combine ground-breaking technology and expert aquatic knowledge in one simple of ball of treatment. They can be used with fish only and reef aquaria and can work with or without live rock.

The liquid ball format contains a huge amount of tiny bacteria and enzymes that once added to your aquarium, will break down to reduce ammonia and nitrates. The product is fact acting and will regulate the biological balance of your fish tank, maintaining clean, healthy water.

Nitrates are a key part of the growth of algae, and the Pure Marine will ensure these levels are kept to a minimum for clearer water. As part of your regular maintenance regime, these little balls will ensure a clear, clean and healthy tank and keep toxic bacterial cultures from forming in aging systems.

Used regularly, you will find that your filter and skimmer need less maintenance. They can be added directly to a sump or filter, or placed inside a filter bag.

Simply add 2 PURE Marine balls per 25 litres of water, once a week. Or, put them in a filter bag inside your filter. There is no risk of overdosing with this fast working, unique product. Each pack contains around 60 balls, which will last a 250 litre aquarium for around 12 weeks.

Key Features:

Reduces organic waste
Maintains a biological balance
Improves nitrification
Accelerates maturation process
Reduces BOD / DOC / TSS
Rapidly restores equilibrium
Reduces filter and skimmer maintenance
60 balls for a 12 week course (in a 250lt tank)

Pure reef balance. 60