The Waterbox Aquariums PENINSULA MINI is one of our most popular all-in-one aquarium systems for both freshwater and saltwater aquaria.

Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass
Self-Leveling Mat
Filtration Media: Carbon, Bio-Balls, Sponge, Filter Sock
Adjustable Return Pump
+Plus HD Edition Includes AI Prime™ 16HD Lighting & Flex Arm(s)
An all-in-one aquarium that captures more of what you love. The PENINSULA MINI was designed so you can keep more in your aquarium with less. Available from 15 to 25 gallons, the PENINSULA MINI delivers an aquatic environment for novice and professional aquarium keepers
The PENINSULA MINI comes complete with all necessary filtration for freshwater or saltwater aquariums. Our unique baffle system forces the water to flow through the micron socks followed by the filtration media. This unique design also eliminates air bubbles in the system.
Overflow boxes are constructed entirely of glass with water-etched weir teeth.
Features an adjustable return nozzle for precise water agitation.
Includes a pre-seated, self-leveling foam mat, which keeps your aquarium level on uneven surfaces and reduces tension on the glass.
 Includes one 2.75” 225 Micron Filter Sock.
Includes a perfectly matched return pump to for optimal water turnover.
*European Plug, does not include UK power adapter.
Includes bio-balls, carbon and a filter sponge to keep your water clear and polished.

Waterbox Peninsula mini 15